Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition….So What Is It Anyway?

Nutrition is the process of assimilating food for the growth and repair of worn tissue. It is also the science and study of proper balance within the diet to promote health.

The term “Holistic” emphasizes the whole and the interdependence of its parts. Holism considers the complete person. Thus, Holistic nutrition considers the complete person as it relates to the balance of nutrients, foods, dis-ease and balance.

In order to maintain health, a balance between the intricate physiological functions and environmental influences must be maintained. Unbalanced systems lead to “dis-ease”. Such balance begins and is maintained with proper nutrition. Striking a “Proper balance within the diet” is unique to every person for each of us has different needs and dis-ease. Many of us experience this dis-ease in small and seemingly insignificant ways. For instance, some of us experience heartburn or flatulence after meals while others have developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The truth is both are “dis-eases” to the system. In fact, those seemingly insignificant problems can lead to much bigger problems if left out of balance.

While nutrition is and should be the focal point to dis-ease, other factors contribute greatly to our ability to absorb nutrients, and maintain proper functioning throughout the body. Our bodies are kind of like cars… when an engine is out of oil, replacing with a mere drop will not get us very far but a few quarts will… However, we all know that rarely do we need 3 quarts of oil, nor do we need just a drop. Truthfully, most of time the answer lies somewhere between the drop and a few quarts, which allows us to run the engine in balance. Just as a car cannot run appropriately without a balance between fluids, pressure, air etc…the same holds true with nutrition; 4000 IU’s of vitamin D may be necessary for some while 2000 IU’s will do the job for others. In other cases, some experience extreme stress or have extremely demanding lifestyles which may in turn require even larger amounts of vitamin D along with other nutrients.

Thus, holistic nutrition considers the total person, their dietary intake including supplements and lifestyle, while using non-toxic, natural therapies. The goal is to ‘do no harm.’ Holistic nutrition is about utilizing nature’s healing power while addressing the needs of the whole person. In many cases, whole foods, herbs, relaxation via yoga and meditation and Reiki are utilized. Others may wish to incorporate an Ayurvedic approach or either a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Whichever approach is taken, a balance between lifestyle and eating must be accomplished in order to achieve optimal health.

Nutrition is fundamental to life and the correct diet is the foundation for a healthy life.

At Naturally Nutrition, Inc. we believe that nutrition is more than just eating and we are committed to finding the right balance for you.