Food Prodigy

Find out exactly how you are eating. For a small fee know for sure if what you ate yesterday really was “good for you”. All you have to do is “Sign UP and Sign IN” to Food Prodigy. Once your enter your information, your will receive an analysis of your Calories, Protein, Carbohydrate, Sugars, Dietary Fiber, Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and Sodium intake for the day. Exercise tracking that correlates with your personal profile such as; age, weight, height, gender and activity level is also available and is based on METs (the body’s ability to utilize oxygen) from the American College of Sports Medicine.

SIGN UP and SIGN IN to see how you’re really eating..

1 Day:

$57.00 – Just for the assessment
$68.00 – Assessment and for 10 minute consult

3 Days:

$127.00 – Just for the assessment
$147.00 – Assessment and for 15 minute consult

5 Days:

$187.00 – Just for the assessment
$207.00 – Assessment and for 15 minute consult

Medical Disclaimer

I understand that I am purchasing a 1 or 3 day nutritional analysis only without medical/health considerations and/or interventions. I further understand that should I choose to purchase a 10 or 15 minute consultation from a Registered/Licensed Dietitian, the consultation will be solely based on the dietary information which I have provided. I realize that I may be asked to supply additional medical information should I desire consultative services for medical nutritional intervention and that additional fees will apply.

nullMillions of Americans seek nutritional advice and products from everyone BUT their own healthcare professionals. For example, vitamin store clerks – perhaps well intentioned – do not have the clinical expertise or the customer’s healthy history to accurately advise on nutritional supplementation.

In addition, inadequate nutritional intake – including specific nutrient deficiencies – may compromise health in a variety of ways including fatigue, brittle bones and teeth, memory loss and a weakened immune system, to name a few.

Your health professional is the best resource to recommend what lifestyle choices and nutritional supplements are most suited for your needs. With a complete line of high-quality nutritional products available in your health professional’s office, you no longer face the confusing and often frustrating experience of selecting from thousands of nutritional products on the market today.

Essential Oils:

At Young Living, we are committed to uniting ancient traditions and modern science to promote health and longevity. Through extensive research and commitment to quality, we are dedicated to growing, distilling, manufacturing, and marketing the highest-quality organic essential oils and oil-enhanced products in the world.