Nightshade Vegetables and Arthritis

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Did you know… that nightshade vegetables can exacerbate arthrititis and in some cases are the reason for arthritic type sign/symptoms. In many cases eliminating nightshade vegetables from the diet will alieviate signs and symptoms of arthritis within three weeks.

What are Nightshade Vegetables:

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, garden huckleberry, ground cherries, and tobacco.

Nightshade vegetables contain solanine which is a glycoalkaloid.

Solanine is toxic if consumed in high doses which can result in the weakening of the bones and joints. It acts as an irritant which leads to inflammation at the nerve endings and joints.

Solanine is present in the green parts of the vegetable. For this reason, you may want to ensure that the green part is removed before consumption and select only ripe vegetables.  Stalk, stem and leaves should not be consumed. Cooking does not destroy solanine so you will need to be careful while consuming nightshade vegetables.

Nightshades and Arthritis:

Generally the body can mange the toxin levels present in fully ripened vegetables. However, arthritis causes stress on the body which can cause toxin levels to rise.  When nightshade vegetables are consumed, the solanine content exacerbates the toxicity which increases inflammation and ultimately pain in the joints. Therefore many arthritic patients complain about pain in their joints after consuming nightshade vegetables. Interestingly, the number of  diagnosed arthritis is higher in areas where nightshade vegetable consumption is more common.

Testing for Sensitivity to Nightshade Vegetables:

The best way to test is to first avoid all nightshades for at least one month.  If relief of joint pain is experienced, then sensitivity is likely.  Introducing one nightshade vegetable per day back into the diet is the best. Continuing elimination of nightshades that cause pain is necessary.

Living with Nightshade Sensitivities:

Complete elimination of nightshade vegetables is the easiest way to control your symptoms.  Make sure to check all labels for nightshade ingredients before consumption.

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