Sexy Foods

“Eat me” The healthy dish is talking sexy foods, whats hot and whats not?

Listen to The Healthy Dish Host, Charles Mattocks, Co-host, Relationship Coach, Michelle Clower, Dietician, Carole Farace and Chef Arvela as they explore Sexy Foods.

This fun, informative show is designed to explore foods that are good for your health and your libido. Beginning with a game, Michelle will quiz Charles on what foods he thinks will have a positive effect on the libido by asking him, “What’s hot, what’s not?”

Joining the show is registered Dietician, Carole Farace to assist the audience with the understanding of what nutrients are contained in such foods and why/how they benefit us. Sexy Foods will shatter myths, tickle your funny bone, and raise your…uh… spirits. Where was your mind going?


I am re-listening to the show this morning and just had to write to you again and compliment you, you really did a great job. And, I really do appreciate your sense of humor, you fit right in. Thank you so much, you added such a great element to the show. I am glad that you enjoyed yourself and I hope to have you on again soon!

Thanks again,

Teresa Brunton
Producer, The Healthy Dish Radio Show

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